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"Tricknic 2007" Details

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"Tricknic 2007" Details
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Place:  The Shedrown's (Dave & Sherry)


              About 15 minutes north of Green Bay


              Please e-mail or pm Country Girl 3 or

              shedrown for the exact address and

              phone number




Date:   2007 - Date to be determined




Time:   2:00 PM (before or after is okay, too)




Menu:  All-you-can eat food and drink consisting of:


              Brats (several varieties)


              Hot Dogs



              Miscellaneous salads

              Other munchies

              Soda, water, mixed drinks

              and...of course...BEER!!




The menu may change as we think of more things to serve




If you would still like to bring a favorite dish to pass or grandma's secret recipe...feel free




Cost:   $20.00 per person

Cheap Trick, Trick International, Trickfest, CNP&Z and Cheap Trick's management are not involved with this event in any way, shape or form